Friday, November 23, 2012

Saturday Masters - Neil Young

Starting out with Like a Hurricane because it was about this period in my life when I started moving from rock and roll to a more country orientation back in the days of Waylon, Willie and the boys.
So I lost track of Neil on FM radio. I think this was about 77 or 78 but I'm too lazy to check. Any way it's a great song. Following this I'm posting some older stuff I don't think I've posted before. 

Cinnamon Girl is here because I like it.


  1. oh man, oh man. the godfather of grunge. i love this guy. contrary to many, i think he just gets better with age. did you see the movie "heart of gold"?
    i haven't yet, and desperately want to.

  2. I have to agree with you both. That last clip is from the new release. I haven't heard the whole thing yet but soon. I've never heard of this movie. It's nice that Emmylou gets to play herself in the movie. i can't think of anybody better.